SOL® – Systematic root
cause analysis

Learning from »negative« events (accidents, incidents, errors, etc.) is an essential feature of successful companies. SOL – Safety Through Organizational Learning has been developed in order to make the potential for improvement in this area more attainable. With SOL, the causes of events can be systematically identified, so that target-orientated learning is possible.

SOL: Proven test winner

SOL® has been in use in all nuclear power plants in Germany and Switzerland for 15 years. In an investigation of the German Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, in which 12 root cause methodologies were compared, SOL was test winner.

Including human and organizational factors (HOF) in root cause analysis

Technical equipment has been constantly improved in the past. As a result, the human and organizational contributions to events is constantly increasing, and the analysis of these factors now plays a key role in safety improvements.

SOL is designed in a way which effectively supports practitioners of companies in carrying out an HOF analysis. In particular, weaknesses in the organization may be detected, and thus the quality of root cause analysis is increased.

19 cause categories with examples

SOL uses 19 categories of possible causes and contributing factors. This is sufficient to capture the complexity of events, whilst still remaining easy to handle.

The categories are explained with numerous examples which facilitate application in practice. All categories and examples can be flexibly adapted to the needs of specific applications.

Display complex root cause analysis clearly

In SOL, complex events are divided into single event building blocks, which are arranged according to the time axis in the time actor chart. As a result, even complex sequences of events can be displayed clearly, and relationships clearly visualized.

SOL Software:
Easy to use, low in cost

In the development of the SOL software, simplicity and usability have been central criteria. The result is a cause analysis software which is both easy to use and unbeatable in price*. Thanks to its ergonomic design and self-explanatory buttons, SOL can be used intuitively. Consequently, only a short period of time is required to become accustomed to the software – a factor that contributes significantly to cost reduction.

SOL is a Windows application with low system requirements. The SOL software supports the documentation of analysis results, which are transferable to MS Office programs.

Your benefits

  • Proven method of root cause analysis
  • Systematic contribution to increasing safety and learning from incidents
  • Support of staff in conducting analysis
  • Easy identification of human and organizational contributions to events (HOF analysis)
  • Structured and clear presentation of results
  • Possibility to adapt categories and examples to the application areas
  • User-friendly software – easy to learn
  • Available in both German and English
  • Low priced* licenses available

* from 50,- € / month